NAS OS 4.x - How do I correct a Visual C++ Runtime Error using IE 11 while starting a Live feed in the Surveillance Manager?

This article assumes that the Camera Status shows as Connected in the Surveillance Manager.

In this example the Internet Explorer icon is pinned to the Windows Taskbar.

  1. Right click the Internet Explorer 11 icon in Windows 8.1.
  2. Next, right click Internet Explorer from the menu and choose ‘Run as administrator’.

  3. After IE 11 launches, type in http:// in the address field of the browser and then Enter.  The NAS hostname may also be used in place of the NAS IP Address.
  4. Log in to the NAS OS 4.0 Welcome page.
  5. From the Home page open the Surveillance Manager app.
  6. Verify the Camera shows Connected under CAMERA and Status.
  7. Click Live under VIEWS.

The Runtime Error should not occur.

The Live Viewing screen should appear.  The Live feed may begin immediately or you may need to double click the small Camera icon to the right of the screen.