This article is for informational purposes only and no longer being updated by Seagate.

Tips for using the GoFlex eSATA interface

Information surrounding the proper use of the interface known as powered eSATA.

The eSATA interface for the GoFlex product uses a new standard, the eSATA combo or eSATAp interface, and this is used to provide the speed of eSATA combined with power from a USB bus.  This requires an eSATA combo port.  These combo ports are typically found only on newer laptop computers and are generally designated by the word "eSATA" followed by a USB symbol.


  • The drive will only work with combo ports - ports that combine an eSATA data transfer connector with a USB power connector.
    Basic eSATA ports do not provide power and will not work.  These combo ports are sometimes also called eSATAp or powered eSATA ports.
  • The eSATA cable is not supported on Mac computers since Mac computers do not currently offer powered eSATA ports.
  • Performance may be slower when the Seagate Dashboard software is installed.  Uninstall the Dashboard software if using eSATA. You can still use the included backup software by going to  Start > (All) Programs > Memeo.  
    For instructions on uninstalling the Seagate Dashboard software, please see Document ID: 214335.

    A newer version of the Dashboard software may address this issue in the future, so check for updates before uninstalling.