Toolkit for Windows Back Up grayed out and Unable to create Backup plan


Toolkit only allows one Backup plan per computer per drive. Due to this fact, there may be instances where Backup options are grayed out and Toolkit states: “Unable to create a Backup plan. Delete a plan from another user on a connected drive.”


Some Windows machines may have multiple user accounts, and if you have created a Toolkit backup on one user's account then you will not be able to create a backup with Toolkit on any other user. Situations such as these will result in the above message. If backing up a second user on your Windows machine is needed, please try the options below to resolve the issue.

Options for backing up a secondary user:

  • Give the primary user full access to the secondary user's data.
    • This can be accomplished by logging into the primary user and trying to access the secondary user through Explorer. There will be a prompt stating you don’t have permission; click Continue to permanently get access to the folder. Run the backup again and the secondary user's data should now be backed up.
  • If that is not an option, consider using Windows backup for the secondary user on the computer.

If you're not trying to back up a secondary user but you're still seeing this message, use File Explorer to rename the Toolkit folder on the external drive to Toolkit_Old. After renaming the folder, restart Toolkit. The backup options should no longer be grayed out. To prevent the drive from filling up, consider deleting the old Toolkit folder once you confirm you no longer need the data stored within the old backup.