Toolkit - What features does my drive support?

The tables below list supported operating systems, drives, and the specific Toolkit features available for each drive. 



Toolkit Compatibility List
Operating System
Windows 11
Windows 10
macOS 10.15+


Toolkit Features
Drives Backup
(Windows Only)
(Mac and Windows)
Sync Plus
(Mac and Windows)
Seagate Secure
(Mac and Windows)
(Mac and Windows)
(Mac and Windows)
Backup Plus Slim        
Backup Plus Ultra Slim        
Backup Plus Portable        
Backup Plus Desktop        
Backup Plus Hub      
Ultra Touch HDD        
One Touch with Hub      
One Touch HDD        
One Touch HDD with Password      
Fast SSD        
Ultra Touch SSD 1        
One Touch SSD 1
BarraCuda Fast SSD 1
FireCuda Gaming SSD 1
(Windows Only)
FireCuda Gaming HDD3     √   
FireCuda Gaming Hub3         √   
FireCuda Dock     √   
Game Drives2         √   
DJI Fly Drive
Expansion Plus
Expansion with Software
Expansion SSD
Expansion Portable
Expansion Desktop            

1 A scheduled backup is available when creating a custom Sync Plus job. Option is available at the bottom of the custom Sync Plus screen during setup.

2 LED or RGB features will vary by drive.

3 For best results, use the original cable that shipped with the drive. Docks, adpaters, or Micro-B to C cables may prevent the RGB feature from loading.