Transferring data on a Chromebook


Chromebooks are cloud-centric devices, as such many have limited internal storage and computing power. Using Seagate’s Mobile Drive helps alleviate storage limitations but there are a few tips to keep in mind when transferring data over USB:

  • Transfer data in small chunks
    • Copying a lot of files all at once can often monopolize the Chromebook’s limited system resources. This may result in performance issues during the data transfer.

  • Limit other activities while transferring large amounts of data
    • When transferring large amounts of data or a single large file make sure to limit secondary use i.e. web browsing, watching videos, editing documents, etc. This will allow the system to optimize its resources for data transfer.

  • Avoid filling up your Chromebook’s internal storage
    • Running out of disk space can result in reduced Chromebook performance and downloaded files, browsing data, cache, or unused accounts getting deleted. See this Google article for details.

Each Chromebook’s hardware is unique but by following the above suggestions you should be able to optimize performance while transferring data.