Using Seagate FireCuda Gaming SSD on macOS


This article is about what to expect when using the FireCuda Gaming SSD on a Mac computer.

Formatting the SSD

The FireCuda Gaming SSD is formatted NTFS for Windows by default. This means that when using it on a Mac computer, this drive’s volume is Read-Only and will not allow copying files to it or creating new ones. To unlock storage functionality of the SSD you will need to format in Disk Utility to a Mac-compatible format, for example HFS+. Then you’ll be able to Read from and Write to the SSD. Please see the following article for formatting instructions. 

Warning: Formatting the drive will delete any data currently on its volume. It is strongly recommended to copy the contents temporarily to another location, and then copy them back to the volume after it has been formatted. On a new FireCuda Gaming SSD out of the box, these contents include valuable warranty and device setup information.



The Toolkit software does not provide the FireCuda Gaming SSD a way to manage the LED settings on macOS. Toolkit does provide macOS with the Sync Plus feature that allows syncing folder on the internal drive to the FireCuda Gaming SSD.