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Will my drive work with Windows 7?

Seagate has evaluated current product lines to determine which ones will be supported in Windows 7.  Older drives that are not listed here may work, but have not been tested.  Note: Software not listed below is not supported on Windows 7. Using the drive as a drag and drop destination or with backup software built into Windows 7 can be an alternative. NAS devices require Professional, Ultimate, or Enterprise version of Windows 7 when doing a network backup.


Product Hardware Additional Information 
Backup Plus Family Yes  
Fast SSD Yes  
Seagate Duet Yes  
Seagate Wireless
Seagate Wireless Plus
Seagate Expansion Yes

No Seagate software included.
Use Windows 7 backup and restore

GoFlex Family Yes  
FreeAgent Family Yes


Maxtor Family Yes  Use the BlackArmor manager (launcher.exe on the drive) to unlock the drive.
Seagate Personal Cloud Yes


Seagate Central  Yes

Remote access removed on 4/8/18.

GoFlex Home Yes

Remote access removed on 2/28/19.

Seagate Internal Laptop and
Desktop SATA hard drives


Product Updated Software
Toolkit Yes Version 1.5.3.x or higher
Seagate Dashboard Yes Dashboard 4.2.x or higher
Paragon Driver for Windows Yes HFS driver 9.1 or higher
Seagate Duet software Yes 1.x or higher
DiscWizard Yes DiscWizard: v18 or higher
SeaTools for Windows Yes

SeaTools for Windows: or higher

Seagate Dashboard Powered by Memo  Yes

Version 1554 or higher

Seagate Manager Yes Version 2.1.500 or higher
Replica Yes Version 3.0.769.6555 or higher
Maxtor Manager No Software was not updated for Windows 7