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Enterprise Flash Controller

Enterprise Flash Controller

Service and Support

SandForce designs and sells innovative and award-winning Flash Controllers to some of the world’s premier SSD OEMs and system manufacturers. They in turn sell complete SSD solutions to their customers for use in a wide range of enterprise storage systems and client desktop and laptop systems. If a user of a SandForce Driven SSD needs assistance with the installation, support or service of their SSD, they should contact the SSD OEM or system manufacturer.

If you purchased an SSD with an embedded SandForce Flash Controller, please contact the manufacturer of your particular SSD for any questions about firmware upgrades, software tools, features, compatibility, etc. Seagate supplies SandForce Flash Controllers to many manufacturers for various applications, and is unable to answer questions about SSDs not produced by Seagate.

Firmware Updates

As with most electronic devices, SandForce Driven SSDs use a combination of hardware and firmware to control the Flash Controller inside. The firmware portion of the device can be upgraded as may be necessary to fix any possible discovered issues after it is manufactured. The firmware used on SandForce Driven SSDs is uniquely manufactured for each SSD OEM and system manufacturer, and for that reason any firmware updates are provided through the SSD OEM or system manufacturer, not Seagate.

Products No Longer In Production

In order to continue offering leading-edge products and world-class support, Seagate discontinues production of certain Seagate SandForce Flash Controllers from time to time. See below for a list of parts that have been discontinued, and their corresponding replacements.

Discontinued Part Replacement Part
SF-21xx Family SF-22xx Family
SF-15xx Family SF-25xx/SF-26xx Families
SF-12xx Family SF-22xx Family

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  • SF2581 Flash Controller
    • MLC, eMLC, and SLC; 16nm, 19 nm, 20 nm-class and 30 nm-class
    • 512B
    • AES-256 & AES-128, <br />TCG Enterprise (optional)
    • 400-pin TFBGA – 14 x 14 mm
    • DuraWrite™ data reduction<br /> RAISE™ (Redundant Array of Independent Silicon Elements)<br /> Intelligent block management and wear leveling<br /> Intelligent read disturb management<br /> Intelligent garbage collection<br /> Intelligent data retention optimization<br /> Power/performance balancing<br /> Thermal threshold management
    • 8
    • SATA 6Gb/s
    • 512GB (MLC), 64GB (SLC)
    • Up to 500MB/s
    • Up to 500MB/s
    • Up to 60,000
    • Up to 60,000
    • Less than 1 sector per 10E17 bits read