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Learn about the easiest, most potent way to upgrade your business’s data infrastructure.

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A challenge that every small- to medium-sized business owner eventually faces is upgrading their data storage network’s infrastructure when their aging PC file server or public cloud storage is no longer able to accommodate their needs. But alongside this challenge is an array of other issues business owners must consider as well, such as overhead costs, bringing on more employees, their data’s security, and so much more.

Good news. There is a solution: network-attached storage. But choosing the right backup drives to populate your NAS is critical.

NAS: The Smart Upgrade for Small- to Medium-Sized Businesses

A growing business needs infrastructure that’s able to support a multi-user environment, 24×7 use, data recovery, file sharing, and backup. That’s why Seagate builds IronWolf drives—they’re specifically designed to enable all these functions and more.

NAS can easily support 100+ users and/or computers, which is why Seagate IronWolf hard drives are built to support cross-office file sharing by offering high workload rates. On the fast end of things, IronWolf SSDs step in, enabling file transfer acceleration and incredibly high endurance—meaning less wear and tear over time. In compatible NAS systems, you can even opt for a hybrid setup which uses both types of drives simultaneously for a payout of extreme capacity, speed, and endurance.

IronWolf hard drives are built with RV sensors in 4TB and higher while all IronWolf Pro drives come with them standard. In return the drives maintain performance and reliability in multi-bay NAS enclosures by mitigating vibration.

Data Backup and Security

Trusting the public cloud with your business’s data is risky, especially given the frequency of hacks, malware attacks, and other threats. So for organizations craving more control and security over their data, or for networks that require HIPAA compliance, an IronWolf-equipped NAS box offering encryption is a smart way to keep data private. Some NAS manufacturers even provide a license-free backup and cloud service.

IronWolf Keeps Your Data Thriving

IronWolf drives include an incredibly powerful future that helps SMB IT support services. It’s called IronWolf Health Management (IHM) and it offers data loss prevention, intervention, and recovery services. For more information on IHM, visit here. Additionally, these drives come with two-year Rescue Data Recovery Services that cover data corruption, viruses, and damage from fires and floods.

Make the Most of Your Business’s Money

An outdated file-sharing system is a drain on resources and may increase your spend because of licensing costs. In addition to the manual upkeep required, it’s an inefficient system that absorbs the time and energy of employees. Upgrading to NAS and powerful IronWolf drives not only streamlines your infrastructure, it frees up resources, lowers TCO, and ultimately allows businesses to invest dollars elsewhere, explore new opportunities, and even hire new employees.