Seagate + Staylogical

Helping match the right customer to the right storage solution

Making Storage Work

Staylogical needed to offer intelligent storage solutions to a wide range of businesses at competitive prices, and, as a small business, Staylogical had limited resources for adding team members dedicated to winning additional customers. Through offering Seagate products, and by utilizing Seagate’s huge variety of tools and information, they were able to optimize their target market by saving time and internal resources on deployment by offering a streamlined out-of-box product.

Their Story

Helping customers build a strong business case

StayLogical’s founding principle is to do the best they can with budgets available. When Jody Popplewell created StayLogical, Seagate was his first call. Working with a wide variety of customers, from charities to large manufacturing organizations, Jody knew every business needed to build a strong case to justify investment in technology infrastructure. For StayLogical’s clients, value is always the key concern — making Seagate the ideal partner.

Matching the right

drive to the right


Their Goal

Staylogical needed to offer customers the right price and performance to remain competitive; selling a trusted market leader that delivers great resources was the solution they identified.

Their Problem

Navigating the variety of drives in the marketplace with limited resources

StayLogical’s main challenges are limited resources. Jody, as a sole trader, needed to be able to navigate a wide variety of drives with ease. The vast Seagate portfolio provided the consistency and the future proofing required for a small business. StayLogical needed to offer their customers an easy-to-understand solution at the right price and performance to remain competitive.

Their Solution

Offering the right products at the right price

StayLogical wanted to be able to offer even their smallest customers the opportunity to progress with new technologies, and to remove concerns around performance, capacity, security, and storage. With storage being a critical concern for StayLogical’s customer base, the partnership with Seagate enabled them to have the freedom to spin up more SQL servers as and when required.

Their Success

Partnering with Seagate to offer mission-critical security

Prior to partnering with Seagate, StayLogical deployed storage products that didn’t support encryption, causing security concerns for customers navigating GDPR, or with those who require encryption as a necessary part of their business. Offering a Seagate solution meant StayLogical could guarantee a fully encrypted and secure system, and partnering with Seagate has therefore allowed Jody and StayLogical to have a unique business proposition at a low cost to the client.

“Seagate provided unparalleled support and expertise in delivering our storage solutions.”

Jody Popplewell, Director at Staylogical

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