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Our Employees

Our employees are at the heart of Seagate’s success storing and securing the world’s data. We depend on a motivated and engaged workforce to successfully deliver our business strategy and achieve our goals. We are committed to promoting employee engagement and growth, cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce, upholding labor and human rights laws, providing a safe and secure work environment, and fairly compensating our employees.

Seagate has a global workforce of more than 40,000 employees—about half of whom are operators in manufacturing sites. This employee profile creates opportunities to assure that all employees are treated with respect and dignity and are protected from work-related hazards. In addition, Seagate is committed to supporting wellness, engagement, development and an inclusive, productive workplace culture for all employees.

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As a global, diverse company with employees spanning more than 30 countries, and with a worldwide footprint that extends far beyond, Seagate is committed to ensuring human rights and adhering to high labor standards for all employees.

As a global citizen, we are responsible for protecting international human rights, upholding labor standards, and ensuring that our employees are treated respectfully. Our company policies adhere to applicable local labor laws, are consistent with the 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and International Labor Organization (ILO) core labor standards, and conform to the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA, formerly EICC) Code of Conduct. Our Global Human Rights Policy was adopted in 2004, and focuses on treating employees respectfully; creating a workplace free from discrimination; ensuring freedom of association and collective bargaining; eliminating forced labor and underage workers in the workplace; placing reasonable limitations on working hours; ensuring that employees have adequate days of rest during each work week; and fostering open communication among our employees.


Seagate is committed to keeping our employees safe, healthy and well, as their abilities drive our achievements as a company.

Seagate has spent more than a decade collecting health and safety performance indicators. This data informs strategies for reducing risks associated with work-related injury and illness. Today, our global health and safety management systems support continuous improvement in risk reduction and mitigation. Our standards often surpass country-level regulations and industry guidance to provide well-defined responsibilities, requirements and training to ensure that health and safety is integrated into company operations. Further, all employees, from plant managers to operators, are informed they are accountable for their actions at work.

When employees are healthy both on and off the job, they are more satisfied and more productive. Seagate is committed to providing benefits, programs, health and wellness education and support for healthy lifestyles. We ensure that employees have access to resources to make informed health decisions, and offer benefits and wellness programs tailored to local needs.

Seagate’s Environment, Health and Safety Policy

Workforce Safety

We are proud that our workplace safety indicators continue to outperform the industry average for U.S. manufacturers of computer and electronic equipment. However, Seagate continues to believe that even one workplace incident is unacceptable and has continued to refine processes to drive the case rate closer to zero.

Currently, we focus on two areas of workplace injury: Cumulative trauma disorder caused by repetitive motion, and slips and falls. Once injuries occur, we analyze them and target risk-reduction actions to implement and monitor over time. Seagate ensures the safety of production equipment in three ways: by enforcing global standards and procedures, by instituting impartial design reviews led by experienced third-parties and by applying rigorous installation standards for layout, electrical, chemical, fire protection, interlock, and operational safety requirements.

Employee Benefits and Wellness

Seagate’s benefits are benchmarked to local market practices, industry norms, and cultural requirements, and reflect our standards as a competitive, multinational organization. Although these programs take different forms geographically, Seagate’s plans offer value and flexibility throughout, in support of our employees and, in some cases, their dependents.

We offer regular employees in our major locations a comprehensive plan, which reflects our commitment to our people. This plan includes health care, wellness programs, parental leave, paid time-off, retirement savings opportunities, life insurance, disability coverage, and equity ownership opportunities.

Seagate is committed to a culture of wellness, and to providing employees with the tools necessary to make informed decisions about health and wellbeing. Wellness includes both physical and emotional health, as well as financial wellness; acknowledging the various individual choices and cultural variations that compose our global workforce, Seagate strives to cultivate an environment of health and wellness. One of the ways we do this is through our Healthy Journeys program, which seeks to educate, encourage, and support our employees as they work on achieving their health and wellness goals. Because our benefits programs are managed at a regional or site level, in line with local legislation and employment policies, the Healthy Journeys program varies from country to country.


Seagate promotes a culture of learning and development for employees, with shared accountability between employee and manager. Our comprehensive talent management cycle encourages continuous employee development. Employees use an annual performance review, career development planning, and ongoing feedback to set measurable performance goals. This allows us to measure performance, recognize accomplishments and identify areas for continued development.

Seagate regularly measures employee engagement through micro surveys that are conducted twice per year. Results are shared widely with employees, managers and executives in order to continually improve our work teams and overall culture.

We strive to offer our employees opportunities for learning and development starting on day one. We have a streamlined onboarding curriculum that outlines the expectations of new employees, connecting them with resources that enable them to be effective on the job. We also have an employee-driven plan for learning and development, which enables employees to leverage professional and management development programs offered in both virtual classrooms and instructor-led formats.


Seagate is a diverse organization with tens of thousands of employees worldwide. Each of our employees contributes a valuable set of experiences and skills, as well as a unique cultural background that greatly enriches our own culture as a company. Though it may be defined differently around the world, we acknowledge that diversity is made up of the differences in both our visible and non-visible characteristics. Diversity is paramount to the success and competitiveness of our team, and as such we strive to foster a culture of inclusion, acknowledging and leveraging diverse viewpoints and perspectives to drive innovation.

Seagate is committed to providing an inclusive and supportive environment where all employees are valued and participate fully in the Seagate employment experience. We strive to ensure employees feel free to contribute their personal best, not only as skilled workers, but also as unique individuals. We maintain an environment where equal opportunity is available to all. Decisions about employees are based on achievements against job goals and/or standards and required competencies. Decisions about applicants are made on qualifications against job requirements. Personnel decisions are made regardless of age, race, color, ancestry, ethnic or national origin, disability, genetics, medical status, pregnancy, marital status, veteran standing, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, perceived or actual religious beliefs or political opinion, or other bases protected by applicable law. This includes all personnel actions such as recruitment, selection, compensation, benefits, transfers, promotions, reductions, disciplinary actions, company-sponsored training, development, degree assistance, and social and recreational programs.

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