Meet Seagate

At Seagate, our mission is to give people peace of mind by protecting their digital lives.
Since 1978, Seagate has been creating precision-engineered data storage technologies that deliver superior capacity, speed, safety, and performance. We help people harness and maximize the datasphere. We are a diverse workforce of 40,000 creative, hard-working, passionate people all over the world—Silicon Valley, the United Kingdom, Singapore, India, Thailand, China, and beyond.

Seagate History in the Making

  1. 1978-1990
  2. 1991-2004
  3. 2005-Present
  1. 1978-79Shugart Technology forms
  2. 1980The first 5.25” hard drive for PCs introduced
  3. 1981Company goes public as Seagate Technology, Inc.
  4. 1990Seagate intros first ever shock-sensing 2.5” drive
  1. 1991BarraCuda becomes the first 7200 RPM drive
  2. 1996The 10,000-RPM Cheetah drive is an industry first
  3. 2002Company goes public as Seagate Technology, LLC
  4. 2004The 2.5-inch enterprise drive Savvio is an industry first
  1. 2012First to achieve density of 1TB per square inch with HAMR
  2. 2013First shingled-magnetic recording (SMR) drives are shipped
  3. 2015The 8TB drive for surveillance is an industry first
  4. 2016The 2TB M.2 enterprise SSD is an industry first


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