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External Drives & SSDs

Expansion External Hard Drives & SSDs

Seagate® offers easy-to-use solutions when you need to instantly add storage to your computer.

Expansion Family

Three sizes to fit your needs.

More storage. Fast data transfers. There’s an Expansion drive for you.

    Plug-in Instant Storage

    Add extra storage in seconds with Seagate Expansion drives.

    With high-capacity desktop options, portable HDD options that fit in your pocket, and SSDs that are super light and credit card-sized—there is an Expansion drive for you.

    • Drag and drop file saving right out of the box
    • Fast data transfer with USB 3.0 connectivity
    • Compatible with Windows®, Mac®, and Chromebook

    Easy-to-Use Storage Solution

    Easily start saving your digital files in seconds. All you have to do is plug it in—then drag and drop!


    System Requirements and compatibility

    Compatible with most Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS systems. Visit for details.

    Rescue Data Recovery Services

    We’ve Got Your Back

    When the unexpected happens—like water damage or natural disaster—Rescue Services help you defend against data loss and retrieval costs so you can rest easier.³


    Why choose the Expansion SSD?

    Fast and extremely portable, perfect for streaming stored videos, scrolling through photos, and backing up content on the go


    Why choose the Expansion portable hard drive?

    Built for on-the-go, take on large files with up to 5TB capacity (about 320,000 digital photos).


    Why choose Expansion desktop drive?

    Installs easy and adds up to 20TB capacity with energy-efficient built-in power management.

    1. Reformatting may be required for use with Time Machine

    2. Compatibility may vary depending on user’s hardware configuration and operating system.

    3. Rescue Data Recovery Services not available in all countries.

    At Seagate, we obsess over quality assurance.

    A product you can count on is one that keeps getting high-quality scores over its lifetime—no matter when it’s tested.