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Photo Drive

With Seagate Photo Drive, you can easily back up your photos for safe storage while freeing up space on your devices. Edit, manage and share photos with an included three-year subscription to Mylio Create.

Photo Drive

Walmart Exclusive


    All Your Memories. One Location.

    Consolidate and find all your photos with ease—Seagate Photo Drive featuring Mylio Create makes organizing your memories simple. Plus, move all your photo files off your devices while still giving you access to optimized versions anywhere.


    Organize with Mylio Create

    Take control of your photos with complimentary three-year access to Mylio. The app empowers you to organize, sync, and edit all your images in one easy-to-search library you can access on all your devices. Plus, Mylio helps protect your photos from device failure or loss. All your photos. On all your devices. All the time. Enjoy a lifetime of memories. (Not available in all countries.) ³


    Take Back Some Bytes

    Free up valuable space on your devices by moving large photo files off your computers, phones and tablets—while still having access to the photos anywhere you go.


    Stay Organized on the Go

    Take your whole photo portfolio on the go, thanks to its compact and portable size. Also, enjoy its single USB bus-powered cable for quick function and less clutter.

    Rescue Data Recovery Services

    We’ve Got Your Back

    When the unexpected happens—like water damage or natural disaster—Rescue Services help you defend against data loss and retrieval costs so you can rest easier.⁴

    1. Reformatting for Mac may be required.

    2. Compatibility may vary depending on user’s hardware configuration and operating system

    3. Available in the US and Canada. Three-year Mylio Create plan is redeemable during product registration. See for applicable terms and for privacy policy. Internet connection required.

    4. Rescue Data Recovery Services not available in all countries.

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    A product you can count on is one that keeps getting high-quality scores over its lifetime—no matter when it’s tested.

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