We are sorry, that product is no longer in stock.

We are sorry, that product is no longer in stock.

External Gaming Drives

Immerse Yourself in the Action

FireCuda Gaming Hub is ready to bring added depth to your battlestation. Watch the FireCuda Gaming drives in action below.

Gaming in a New Light

FireCuda gaming drives upgrade your whole gaming atmosphere with customizable RGB LED lighting and a sleek new design.

One Battlestation, Customized Your Way

Explore the full, customizable RGB color and pattern control that's at your fingertips—you can even sync up all your FireCuda RGB products with help from the free Seagate Toolkit software.

Plus, the FireCuda Gaming Hub works with Razer Chroma™ RGB, so you can sync all your Chroma-enabled peripherals and dive deep into your gaming.

However You Want It

Designed to bolster your battlestation’s look, the FireCuda Gaming Dock works both vertically and horizontally.

Load Up Your Game Vault

Built with big capacity, FireCuda Gaming Hub (up to 16TB) gives you the space to build up your library of games, applications, and media without fear of limits.

Go Gaming Go

USB 3.2 bus-powered and a lightweight design gives the Gaming Hub easy plug and play functionality—grab it and take it to take to a friend’s place.

Charged Up and Ready

Connect and power your peripherals to the Gaming Hub's dual front-facing USB-C and USB-A ports.

Works with Windows, Mac and Chromebook

Ready to go right out of the box with automatic recognition for quick and simple setup.

Rescue Data Recovery Services

We’ve Got Your Back

When the unexpected happens—like water damage or natural disaster—Rescue Services help you defend against data loss and retrieval costs so you can rest easier.¹

At Seagate, we obsess over quality assurance.

A product you can count on is one that keeps getting high-quality scores over its lifetime—no matter when it’s tested.

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