Seagate + Ardis

High Performance Shared Storage

Avoid interruptions to mission critical media production workflows.

The Seagate & Ardis Solution Advantage

Ardis’ high availability dual file system controller and the Seagate® high performance SAN storage system help avoid interruptions to mission critical media production workflows that require access to shared storage—whether you use iSCSI, Fibre Channel, or both host interface protocols simultaneously.

High Availability, Increased Performance, and Data Protection

Ardis' redundant file system controller and Seagate’s Exos X redundant hot-swappable subsystems and ADAPT technology protect against workflow interruptions.

Flexible SAN Infrastructure

Choose from all-flash or hybrid arrays that support simultaneous access via iSCSI and FC protocols, with seamless upgrade for legacy media and production houses.


File systems with a single namespace and directory structure allow for additional storage to be added without user interruption.

Total Lower Cost (TCO)

Sustained, reliable performance with tiered implementation using HDDs for low-cost capacity and SSDs for flash performance.

Minimize Mission Critical Downtime

Seagate and Ardis—combined storage solutions reducing downtime, increasing performance, and lowering TCO.
Seagate + Ardis

High Performance Storage For Mission Critical Workflows

Avoid media production workflow interruptions with Ardis’ high availability dual file system controller and Seagate’s high performance SAN storage.

A Seagate Report

Rethink Data

Put More of Your Business Data to Work—From Edge to Cloud

“One gets high availability and a unique way of SSD caching and the ability to use iSCSI and FC simultaneously when combining Seagate Exos and Nytro storage arrays with Ardis Technologies Dual HA AVFSHead with its scale-out single file system.”

Jan de Wit,
CEO | Ardis Technologies

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