Seagate + Cohesity

Unified Data Management

Simplify backup, long-term retention, and disaster recovery.

The Seagate & Cohesity Solution Advantage

Efficiently manage data in a multicloud environment with Lyve™ Cloud and Cohesity. The Cohesity Helios platform consolidates all data infrastructure onto one data platform with an intuitive user interface (UI), speeding actionable search for data across sources and locations. Lyve Cloud’s simple pricing with no egress fees reduces IT cost and complexity for backup and restore.

Cost-Effective Backups

Backup and move data without lock-in concerns. S3-compatibility and always-on availability facilitate reliable retrievals without wait.

Simplified Data Management

Mange backups and data across your multicloud environment with a single platform across core, cloud, and edge.

Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

Ensure business continuity in the face of unforeseen events with immutable object storage and multi-region replication.

Long-Term Data Retention and Management

Store all data without having to sacrifice the benefits due to economic concerns and manage it with an intuitive UI on a single platform.

Hybrid Cloud Data Management

Build resilience and take control of enterprise data with the joint solution from Lyve Cloud and Cohesity.
Solution Brief

Secure, Accessible, and Cost-Effective Backups

Learn how Lyve Cloud with Cohesity helps enterprises derive more value from their data.

White Paper

Future-Proof Your Storage

Understand the importance of modernizing infrastructure for data growth across hybrid, edge, and cloud ecosystems.

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