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DiamondMax 22 Product Overview

Overview and details for DiamondMax 22 drives, including model numbers and specifications.

This FAQ applies to the following Maxtor-brand model numbers:

Serial ATA (SATA) Capacity (in GB) Cache size (in MB)
STM31000340AS 1000 (1 TB) 32
STM31000640AS 1000 (1 TB) 16
STM31000333AS 1000 (1 TB) 32
STM31000334AS 1000 (1 TB) 32
STM3750330AS 750 32
STM3750630AS 750 16
STM3500320AS 500 32
STM3500620AS 500 16
STM3500820AS 500 8

All these model numbers, with the "AS" suffix, are Serial ATA (3.0 Gbit/sec).

See here for a full list of features and benefits of the DiamondMax 21 family of drives.

See the jumpers for the Serial ATA drives here:



See Document ID: 194563 for information regarding Binary and Decimal calculations (if the drive's capacity appears to be less than expected).

Cable Requirements: See Document ID: 205479 for information on Serial ATA cabling.

Model Number Naming Conventions have changed with the release of the DiamondMax 21 series, since Seagate's acquisition of Maxtor.  Seagate drives retain the prefix "ST", while Maxtor-brand drives have the prefix "STM".