Error Messages that Signify Drive Failure

Describes a few ways in which your computer or diagnostic system might indicate drive failure.

SMART error:  Please see the following Knowledge Base articles for more information.

8-digit (eight digit) diagnostic error code: Sometimes Maxtor OneTouch software or FreeAgent software gives an 8-digit (eight digit) diagnostic error code after a diagnostic test.

Unfortunately, an 8-digit code from either the Maxtor OneTouch Manager software or the FreeAgent diagnostic/Test My Drive software signals a drive failure.  Please be sure to backup the data contained therein as soon as possible and prepare a return order to request a replacement (or see our Warranty Services Page).  Remember also that many retail stores will allow a return directly to the store within 30-90 days of purchase.

FreeAgent Pro drives can give false diagnostic failures when tested using the FreeAgent Tools and connected via the eSATA interface.

N40P (Relates to legacy Maxtor ATA drives): when a computer boots and it says the computer contains, for example, a Maxtor 2B020H1 as Primary Master.  That information is hard-coded on the platters on the drive. If the motherboard cannot pull that information because the circuit board is damaged or some other reason that is fatal to the drive, sometimes "N40P" will appear on the screen.  This almost always signifies drive failure.  If drive does not return to working order, the drive must simply be replaced.