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How to Setup a VMware iSCSI Datastore with a BlackArmor NAS Using the vSphere Client

Discusses the alternative means of accessing the BlackArmor NAS through iSCSI using the vSphere client.

The following instructions assume that an iSCSI Target / Device has been setup on the BlackArmor NAS in advance. See Document ID: 219631 for instructions on doing so, then return to this article and continue.

  1. Open the vSphere Client and log in.
  2. Choose the Configuration tab.

  3. Select Storage Adapters under Hardware on the left side.

  4. Locate the iSCSI Software Adapter. Highlight it and click Properties...

  5. Click the Configure button.

  6. Under Status, check the box next to Enable and click the OK button.
  7. In the Initiator Properties box click the Dynamic Discovery tab and click the Add... button.

  8. Enter the NAS IP address. Verify the Port matches the port in the iSCSI Manager page in the NAS setup and click the OK button.

  9. The iSCSI Server Location will populate. Click the Close button.

  10. An Alert box will open prompting to re-scan. Click the Yes button.
    The Target will display as connected.

  11. Click Storage on the left, then click Add Storage...

  12. Select the Storage Type and click the Next button.

  13. Highlight the iSCSI Disk shown and click the Next button.

  14. Enter a datastore name and click the Next button.

  15. Choose the Maximum file size from the drop down and the Capacity as needed. �For help, see the VMware Help documentation. Click the Next button.

  16. Review the Disk layout and click the Finish button.

  17. The iSCSI disk will now show as a Datastore.

  18. A new virtual machine can now be created on the iSCSI drive.
    See VMware help documentation if needed.