Toolkit Backup for Windows FAQ


The following article addresses frequently asked questions about Toolkit Backup for Windows.

Where is my backup data located?

  • Toolkit stores the backup data in the following location:
    • X:\Toolkit\Backup\\C\
      • X is the drive letter for your external drive
      • NOTE: Your drive letter will be different and may change depending on the number of drives connected
      • In the C folder the data is traditionally located in the Users folder, but it can vary depending on the settings you choose for your backup
      • If you are backing up more than one computer, select the computer name containing the data you are looking for at the time

Can I delete data from the Toolkit Backup location?

  • Yes you can, however manually deleting the data from the backup is not recommended. 

Is my drive supported by Toolkit?

What operating systems does Toolkit support?

Can I use Toolkit Backup on Windows and Time Machine on macOS?

  • If you need to back up a Mac and Windows machine, it is recommended to have a different drive dedicated to back up each machine. For the drive backing up the Mac, use Time Machine. For the drive backup on the Windows Machine, use Toolkit.

What Toolkit features does my drive support?

How long does the first backup take?

  • The length of time varies depending on amount of data and types of files being backed up, so it is best to start the backup when you can leave the backup running for several hours at least.

What type of backup is Toolkit?

  • Toolkit is a data only backup. Toolkit's Continuous and Scheduled backups will only back up files that have been changed or modified since the last backup. Snapshot will do a full backup each time.

What does Toolkit back up?

What if I want to back up my computer’s operating system?

  • If you are looking to create a system backup that contains your operating system, programs, and data then you need to create an image backup using one of the following options:
    • With DiscWizard provided for Seagate drives - Click here for DiscWizard support
    • With the built-in Windows system image backup utility. This process varies by Windows version but a quick internet search for Windows image backup should provide plenty of resources
    • For LaCie drives you will need to use the Windows system image utility

Can I back up one external to another external drive?

  • No, Toolkit does not support backing up an external to another external.

Can I back up a network drive with Toolkit?

  • No, Toolkit is not designed to detect network drives as a source or destination.

Can I back up more than one Windows computer with Toolkit to the drive?

  • Yes, you can back up more than one computer to the drive
  • The data will be stored based on the computer name

Can I have more than one backup plan on the same computer?

  • Yes, but it will only work if you have more than one drive. If you only have one drive then no, Toolkit will only allow you to create one plan.

Can I back up more than one user on the same Windows computer?

  • Yes, you can back up more than one user on the same Windows computer but the user with Toolkit installed needs to have access to the other User's profile.
  • The easiest way to do this is:
    • Log in as the Admin user with Toolkit installed
    • Using File Explorer, navigate to the secondary users folder
    • Try to access the secondary user data
    • A prompt should ask if you want to give the primary user permission
    • Verify you can access data in the other user's folder as the primary user
    • Once verified, Toolkit should be able to back up both users’ data
  • If access to the second users profile can't be given, use the native Windows backup solution for the second user

Can I access my drive while the backup is running?

  • Yes, you can access the files on the drive like usual. If you try to copy or paste files manually, this will share transfer speeds with the current backup. It is not recommended accessing files Toolkit is backing up until it has completed.

My drive is full, what should I do?

Why did my backup fail?

Can I back up my emails?

  • It is best to use the built-in tools that are part of your email client. This ensures that everything is backed up correctly so if you need to restore, it will restore correctly - Click here for more detail

Can I back up my favorites (browser bookmarks)?

  • Most browsers store favorites in a hidden folder which Toolkit will not back up. It is best to export your favorites using your browsers settings.

What is the difference between Backup and Mirror?