Toolkit Mirror FAQ


What is Mirror?

  • Mirror is a two-way-sync, meaning If data is added, deleted, or edited in either Mirror folder, the same will be applied to the other Mirror folder
  • Toolkit creates a folder named Mirror on your internal drive allowing you to copy or move data to the folder which will then copy the data to the external drive
  • Mirror feature behaves similarly to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. But instead of mirroring your data from a computer folder to the Cloud, the data is mirrored from the computer’s Mirror folder to the external hard drive

What Mirror is NOT

  • Mirror will not create a mirror image or your computers primary drive

Where is my Mirror data located?

Toolkit stores the Mirror data in the following location for Windows:

  • X:\Toolkit\Mirror
  • X equals the drive letter for your external drive
  • NOTE: Your drive letter will be different and may change depending on the number of drives connected

Toolkit stores the Mirror data in the following location for Mac:

  • /DriveName/Toolkit/Mirror
  • DriveName equals the name you provided the drive

Why is my Mirror folder empty?

  • Mirror requires data to be moved to the folder before it can copy the files to the other Mirror location

Can I move the Mirror folder?

  • No, the Mirror folder can’t be moved. This breaks the connection that Toolkit creates.

What if I want to move the Mirror folder?

  • If you need to move the Mirror folder, edit the current plan which will allow you to move or create a new Mirror folder in the new location. Once complete you may want to delete the old Mirror folder to prevent duplicating the data on the internal drive. See the Toolkit UM for instructions on editing the Mirror plan – Click Here for Steps

Will Mirror work on a secondary internal drive?

  • Yes, you can create a Mirror plan on a secondary internal drive if your primary drive is small or doesn’t contain your data

Can I run both Toolkit Backup and Mirror on Windows?

  • Yes, Toolkit allows users to create plans for both Backup and Mirror on the same Windows computer

Can I run both Time Machine and Mirror on macOS?

  • The answer depends on the version of macOS. Mirror will work with a Time Machine drive on macOS versions prior to Big Sur. Starting with Big Sur you can not create a Mirror plan on a Time Machine drive. Big Sur changes the permissions on the drive which prevents Toolkit from creating a plan on a Time Machine drive.

Can I use Mirror to mirror one external to another?

  • No, Mirror will copy data from the folder on the drive to the computer or computer to the drive

Can I create multiple Mirror plan on the same computer?

  • Yes, but it will only work if more than one drive. If you only have one drive then no, Toolkit will only allow you to create one plan.

Which drives support Mirror?

What is the difference between Backup and Mirror?