A New Way To Data

Some things should never change. Data management strategy has to.

You Have a Data Problem

Enterprise data architecture is more critical to today's data-driven businesses than ever before. Data is value. That said, the expectations of generating value from it don’t always align with reality. Fixed budgets, limited resources, vendor lock-in, and suboptimal infrastructure are just a few of the challenges that enterprises are facing. Businesses must find a way to capture the massive data opportunity in an increasingly complex and distributed IT ecosystem. Lyve™ from Seagate® enables a better way.

The Old Way

Data captured is locked away in closed, proprietary, inefficient architecture. Siloed, static, underutilized. It’s expensive to store and move and difficult to access. Data is overhead.


The New Way

Data is liberated in an open, extensible, hybrid architecture. Its stored efficiently and moves without friction to wherever it creates the most value. Data is a strategic asset to help fuel transformation and growth.


A New Way to Data

What worked for terabytes doesn’t work for petabytes. Overcome the cost and complexity of storing, moving, and activating data at scale with Lyve. Lyve is a comprehensive suite of services, hardware, and software from Seagate—the leader in mass storage solutions—built for the data-driven, distributed enterprise. Simple. Open. Limitless. It’s a new way to data.

Better Economics

IT infrastructure budgets are not keeping pace with the growth of data or the cost of network bandwidth. Built on our core mass-capacity HDD technology, we offer storage infrastructure solutions that enable the enterprise to efficiently and affordably store and move as much data as they require.

Less Friction

In the distributed enterprise, there are many points of friction that impede the flow and availability of data. We enable new data workflows with tools, systems, and open architectures—built to remove friction and liberate enterprise data so it's ready for activation.

Simpler Experience

Data continues to sprawl across edge and cloud environments. Complexity abounds. We offer IT teams simple deployment and maintenance approaches to storage management, delivered with flexible consumption and predictable billing.

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From Edge to Cloud and Everything in Between

Lyve is an edge-to-cloud mass storage platform from Seagate—a comprehensive suite of services, hardware, and software built for the data-driven, distributed enterprise.


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