Lyve Data Transfer Services

Lyve Mobile Storage on Demand

The right-sized approach to any data transfer.

Transfer Mass Data on Your Terms

Lyve Data Transfer Services put you in control of how and when you move mass data. No network connectivity? No problem. Our vendor-agnostic solution works with private-, public-, or hybrid-cloud environments to deliver fast, simple, and secure edge storage and data transfers that accelerate time to insights. With Seagate’s flexible and efficient subscription model, you pay only for the Lyve Mobile systems you need—when you need them.

Flexible Subscription

Order however many Lyve Mobile systems you need for the job and simply send them back or adjust your subscription once you’re done.

Accelerated Activation

Overcome limited network connectivity to bring your data to the cloud for analysis as quickly as possible for timely and relevant insights.

Vendor Agnostic

This high-performance edge storage solution for moving mass data plays well with other cloud service providers. Get frictionless data transfers between your private, public, and hybrid clouds.

Cost-Optimized Scalability

Our modular Lyve Mobile systems are delivered via a subscription service that can easily scale up or down to meet your evolving needs. Never worry about technology upgrades or hardware maintenance fees again.

Lyve Mobile Data Transfer

Rise Above Bandwidth Limitations

Data is growing faster now than ever before. Use Lyve Mobile to set up efficient workflows for mass data from edge to multicloud data centers.

Take Control of Mass Data Movement

Put your data where it has the most impact with Lyve and our self-service data transfer.

The faster you get your data to the cloud for analysis, the more valuable its insights will be. So why wait for better internet connectivity when you can take matters into your own hands?

With Lyve Data Transfer Services, bandwidth limitations become a thing of the past. Get your data moving with Lyve Mobile edge storage systems delivered as a service.

Data Consolidation

Data Consolidation

Consolidate mass data into a single repository for big-picture analysis and improve the availability, security, and accessibility of your data. Overcome network dependencies for data transfers.

Mass Data Migration

Mass Data Migration

Lift and shift mass data from where it’s created to where it has the most value for your business without network dependencies. Transfer large amounts of data in days rather than the weeks or months it takes when relying on the internet.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Enable business continuity in the event of primary data failure with whole-enterprise backup. Transfer your data efficiently to a co-location data center and back in the event of disaster or data failure.

Edge Storage on Demand

Say goodbye to technology upgrades and maintenance fees.

It’s hard to feel like your data’s an asset when you’re paying an arm and a leg to store it. That’s why we created an innovative subscription model to deliver Lyve Mobile edge storage systems as a service.

The Lyve Mobile solution bundle includes:

  • Lyve Mobile Array—a portable, rackable, high-performance edge storage solution that enables you to transfer mass data in days rather than weeks or months.
  • Lyve Mobile Shuttle—a secure, ruggedized solution for transferring large data sets from your edge network with or without a computer.

Order as many Lyve Mobile systems as the job requires and simply send them back when you’re done. Leave the technology repairs and system updates to us.

Lyve Data Services

It’s Your Data, Right?

Leverage mass enterprise data to its fullest potential.

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