Photographer Gary Copeland Achieves Bigger Goals With Seagate Business Storage

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Gary Copeland is a photographer who lives vicariously through his work. When he first started out, he felt that photography was not just his career but it was also about “being the best rock photographer I could be.” Throughout the years, Gary has come to the realization that it’s not always about hanging out with the coolest bands and getting those best pictures. There needs to be more substance behind it, and he realizes that with that comes working with a team of people. This has helped him “achieve larger photographs and goals.”

Meeting Big Goals With Business Storage

When moving from small to larger goals, the need for storage becomes an issue. Gary states, “My photographic life before Seagate Business Storage was different. It was ‘smaller.’ By that, I mean the files were smaller in resolution. I wasn’t shooting as much and didn’t need to keep such a deep and robust archive for my clients.” When a photographer is asked by a client to shoot from many different angles and take more than just one shot from each angle, storage for these files are important. That’s where Seagate has played a very important role for Gary.

When asked about any specific times when it’s been important to pull up files for a client, Gary was quick to respond, “I can’t point to one story. But I can tell you that I don’t go two weeks without someone needing some image that I took years ago. I know I can always go to my Seagate Business Storage to quickly and efficiently access all of my photographs that I’ve taken over the last 10 years and find what I need.” Having the availability to the plethora of photographs that have been taken over the years isn’t something many photographers could use.

Stability Puts Seagate Business Storage First

There are many reasons that different professionals have chosen Seagate storage over the years. Gary is quick to share his main reason for choosing Seagate Business Storage: “I have a long history of using and trusting Seagate for my storage needs. Seagate excels in stability, and that is what I need most.” He is currently using three Seagate Business Storage units (a 8TB and two 12TB filled almost completely) as his primary archive. They are RAID-ed and connected to his studio computer for fast access. He also uses 3TB USB 3.0 drives and delivers photos to clients on 1TB Backup Plus portable USB drives.

Triple Photo Backups With Seagate

Over the years, Gary has never had to worry about losing important data because he always makes sure to backup his digital assets on Seagate Business Storage. When he’s out on a shoot, he’ll generally store his photos on multiple portable Seagate USB drives. At this point, the images are taken back to his studio and copied over to his archive. Gary then makes sure to deliver the images to the client on a 1TB drive. That means there are three copies of a photo shoot around at all times.

A company like Gary Copeland Photography can greatly appreciate all the technology that Seagate has to offer. Not only is it a great way for Gary to upload his images once he’s done with a photo shoot, but it’s also a way for him to access any of those images at a moments notice if the client needs it. Gary states, “The Seagate Business Storage looks great in my studio and works flawlessly.” When a pro like Gary can rely on technology for so many years without any major issues, that shows not only his confidence in the company but also with the products themselves.

“I know I can always go to my Seagate Business Storage to quickly and efficiently access all of my photographs that I've taken over the last 10 years and find what I need.”
—Gary Copeland, Photographer

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