Case Study

Film Editors Embrace the Two-Armed Hard Drive

When standard drives weren’t cutting it, Exos 2X14 saved the day.

The Path to Efficient and Collaborative Production

Post-production is a complex string of tasks. A single delay impacts everything downstream and can create bottlenecks for areas like special effects, which are growing more common and demand reliable performance and efficiency. To tackle these challenges, ZABA Film Editing Studio relies on Exos 2X14, a hard drive with two arms.

More Space and Speed

ZABA uses Exos 2X14 for a massive boost to both capacity and speed—two essentials for high-res, high-volume content.

Improved SAN

Exos 2X14 MACH.2 technology improved ZABA’s SAN operation efficiency by 30% to 40%.

Goodbye, Delays

ZABA’s work requires transfers of at least 20MB/s and 24 × 7 data access. Exos 2X14 delivers.

Less Power Used

… which makes a big difference on the studio’s electricity bills.

Their Story

Behind every great creative is a great process.

The award-winning team at ZABA Film Editing Studio has landed accolades at the Taipei Film Festival, the 58th Golden Horse awards, the Asian Academy Creative Awards, and more. But beyond just creating great content, they’re on another mission: to set the gold standard for post-production.

Their Goal

Efficient collaboration is everything.

Thanks to their talent, ZABA’s workload is skyrocketing. To successfully tackle this revolving door of projects, they’re constantly looking for new ways to bring more efficiency and speed to their process.

Their Problem

Process delays have a domino effect.

In the post-production world, there’s no time for delays or backup failures. But finding the right data storage can be tricky. Traditional hard drives are often too slow for high-res post-production and SSDs are too expensive for high-volume data.

Their Solution

As they say, two is better than one.

ZABA’s solution came in the form of Seagate Exos 2X14. Engineered with Seagate MACH.2™ technology, it’s a dual-actuator hard drive—meaning it uses two arms, or actuators, to read and write data as opposed to traditional hard drives that use one. This equates to high capacity and the kind of speed that rivals an SSD—without the lofty price tag.

Their Success

Less IT stuff. More creative stuff.

Exos 2X14’s high capacity, fast access, and premium cost performance enable ZABA to achieve one of their key goals: to be post-production beasts. An efficient, stable system helps them focus on their work without interruptions, and the fact that they won’t be running out of storage space any time soon is a pretty big win too.

“Exos 2X14 meets our need for high speed and large capacity, reduces collaboration delays, and, best of all, gives us more time to create. ”

Meng-Ju Shieh,
Film Director and Editor, ZABA Studio

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