Seagate + RackTop

Data Storage with Security

Defend your data with Seagate and RackTop.

The Seagate and RackTop Solution Advantage

Seagate® and RackTop have partnered to provide a turnkey cyberstorage protection solution that offers a data-centric, zero-trust architecture. It includes Seagate enterprise storage systems with leading Seagate Exos® X drives, Seagate Secure™ SED (self-encrypting drives), and RackTop’s BrickStor Security Platform (SP).

Defend Your Data

Protect unstructured data through inline, real-time assessors that scan for and act on malicious and abnormal file activity.

Layers of ransomware protection

Enable cyber defense and resiliency via embedded data-protection policies, user-behavior auditing, and analysis capabilities.

Agentless user behavior auditing and analytics

Get visibility and governance into how users and applications access data, without deploying agents.

Data-at-rest encryption

Leverage key management and self-encrypting drives while maintaining high performance.

Seagate + RackTop

Secure data with a zero-trust architecture

Protect unstructured data, enable cyber resiliency, and align with new and emerging compliance requirements.
Solution Brief

Defend your data with Seagate and RackTop

Cyberstorage security solution actively defends against data theft and ransomware threats before they occur.

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“Seagate’s enterprise storage systems with RackTop BrickStor SP cyberstorage software creates a scalable network-attached storage appliance with unrivaled data security and performance.”

Jonathan Halstuch,
Chief Technology Officer, RackTop Systems
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