Lyve Mobile Solutions - FAQ

See the knowledge base article below for general Frequently Asked Questions and their answers about the Lyve Mobile Solutions hardware, software, account information, and services. 

More specific information can be found in the User Manual, and in the Lyve Client FAQ (software), and the Lyve Mobile Array FAQ (hardware): 


Q: Can I buy the hardware? 

A: The Lyve Mobile Solutions hardware is only available under the Seagate Lyve subscription service. Many companies are moving into a subscription model for their IT purchases, and applying this modern standard to Data Transfer Services provides a scalable and predictable model, reducing IT upfront costs, recycle and upgrade fees, and overall can provide more flexibility in day-to-day business operations.  


Q: Which regions is this service available in? 

A: In the USA and select countries in Europe starting Sept 1, as well as in the United Kingdom. 


Q: Which capacity options are available? 

A: Depending on the intended use case, environment, and amount of data to move, Lyve hardware capacity ranges from 8TB up to 96TB, in both HDD and SSD options. 


Q: How much does a subscription cost? 

A: There are project-based subscriptions starting as low as $320 a month for a 16TB HDD (Hard Disk Drive) Shuttle. Both project-based subscriptions and annual plans are available. Annual subscriptions can provide up to 8% cost savings on the overall order. 


Q: What kinds of companies is this service suited for? 

A: There are many diverse types of companies, but bottom-line use case is a secure movement of large data sets from one place to anotherThere are three main types of data use casesWeekly data shuttling for ongoing data sharing, quarterly shifts to larger archives from edge locations and project based, and exceptionally large lift n shift applications. These applications can span several customer vertical types. 


Q: Where do I register? 

A: Visit and choose the type of account which best suits your needs, then create your company and user profile. From there you will be able to create subscriptions by creating a project, ordering your devices, as well as managing your product users.  


Q: Why do I need a Lyve Account? 

A: Creating an account with Lyve Management Portal provides the ability to manage any number of projects, users, and billing strategies in one centralized location. This account also serves to lock and unlock your devices, ensuring your data is always secure when needed, and stays unavailable to unauthorized users 


Q: What is the difference between a business account and a reseller account? 

A: Business accounts provides the ability to create projects for your own company, while a Reseller (or Solution Provider) account allows you to create projects on behalf of your customers. 


Q: If I am a reseller, can my customers see my billing information and transactions? 

A: No, customers cannot see billing and transactions; however, they are able to download the Lyve Client software to manage their devices. Customers are also able to add other product end-users in the Lyve Management Portal. They are only permitted to add users at or below their designated level. 


Q: How can I find more information on how to use a Lyve Mobile Array? 

A: The Hardware and Software User Guides can be found on Seagate Support here: 


Q: How do I manage users? 

A: Once you have created a Lyve Account, you can manage users through the home dashboard, via the project tab, or the user tab at the top of the page. You have the flexibility to add users individually, and as new projects are created these users can quickly and easily be associated with these projects as requiredNewly added users can also be created and associated with projects as they are being configuredThere are many available methods to easily add, remove or manage user permissions. See more details in the User Manual. 


Q: How do I unlock a Lyve Mobile device? What other software do I need? 

A: Once an account has been created and set up at, simply assign a product user to the project. If you are the only project-user, assign yourself using your product user credentials to the project. An email will be sent, inviting the new user to the Lyve Management Portal along with a link to download Lyve Client Sofware which is required to be able to unlock the devices on their system. The product user provisioning (through KMS) authorizes their username and password associated with the project, and the specified device. Once the Lyve Client is downloaded, users can seamlessly log into the device through the Client, and the device will automatically be detectedappearing on the Dashboard page for management. The Lyve device will then be available in Explorer or Finder and can be used like any other external storage device. 


Q: What makes these shuttles secure? 

A: Lyve Mobile Solutions uses Self-Encrypting Drives (SED) for data encryption, as well as Government-Grade Crypto Erase procedures for when your projects are complete to ensure no vestigial data is left behind on the drives. 

They are built with Online/Offline User Management using IT Admin permissions, Field User permissions as well as Remote field permission applications. 

Regarding physical transport of the devices: they come with a Mil-Grade Pelican Case with provided lock, Tamper Resistant Screws, and Tamper Evident Sticker Seals to ensure security from beginning to end points. 


Q: Where can I find the Master Service Terms?  

A: You can find all the Lyve Mobile Agreements and Service terms at this URL: