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This article is for informational purposes only and no longer being updated by Seagate.

GoFlex Home - Port forwarding

Explains how to enable Port Forwarding so as to enable the GoFlex Home to share files remotely with greater speeds.

With port forwarding enabled, you will be able to access your GoFlex Home remotely.

There are four ports that you can forward while using your GoFlex Home. These ports are 21, 22, 443, and 80. 

Make sure that ports 443 and 80 are enabled at all times. These ports are required for setup and remote access. 

By enabling port forwarding on ports 21 and 22, you will not need to facilitate the remote access of your data. All data transfers will be directly between your GoFlex Home and PC (or mobile device) in a peer-to-peer fashion using FTP. This also enhances data transferring performance.

If port 80 is blocked and port 443 is open, you will experience browser certificate errors.

To test if you have port forwarding enabled, you can use the following utility, please see:

For help enabling port forwarding via your router, please see: